We’ve represented the creators of the Sell Me The Answer format for over 8 years. We successfully pitched the format to Sky 1 and it was first broadcast in 2009. We are now delighted to announce the following:

  • We continue to represent the format owners and are working with them to re-launch the format in the UK. Discussions with UK broadcasters have commenced with a view to getting the format back onto UK TV screens in 2017.
  • The international format distribution agreement with DRG has been renewed; that deal is now in its 8th year.
  • The format continues to perform well overseas; here are a few international highlights secured by DRG:
    • Currently on air in India; over 230 Indian episodes have been commissioned to date.
    • Previously been primetime in Switzerland (3 seasons totalling 70 episodes).
    • Optioned in Italy, Spain, Sweden, Poland, Turkey and China.

Please do get in touch if you are interested in either the Sell Me The Answer format or if you have a similar format that you need help exploiting/launching.