We are delighted to announce that we have been hired to assist with the roll-out of the SmartFrametechnology, which has been created by SmartFrame Technologies Limited. SmartFrame is a patent-pending interactive, secure and trackable online image technology which helps image users to capture data and improve monetisation and engagement.

Set out below are some key aspects of a SmartFrame, and there’s more information on the SmartFrame website:

  • Ensures the brand, product owner or service provider is always visibly credited and easy to find.
  • Allows image sharing, via social media and embedding, that links back to the originating website.
  • Delivers business intelligence and allows image users to track and control how those images are used.
  • Drives new web traffic and online monetization opportunities, such as overlays and other features that promotes the relevant product/service.
  • Works seamlessly with Google to ensure images can be found, but not stolen or misused.
  • Protects against casual and deliberate image theft and reduces instances of misuse.

Please contact us if you’d like to hear more about the SmartFrame and how it can benefit your business!