Lazarus Consulting is involved in a substantial, growing number of cross-border deals. To provide optimal support for the global ambitions of our clients, Lazarus Consulting has partnered with CDI Global.

CDI Global is a network of M&A and Corporate Development boutique firms across the world. 50 offices in more than 30 countries form a global alliance with the aim to transforming global businesses through strategic M&A. Since 1973, CDI Global has dedicated its resources and expertise to serving the middle market, delivering over 3,000 transactions worldwide across multiple industry sectors. CDI Global has 14 dedicated industry expert groups and Lazarus Consulting is closely aligned with the CDI Global TMT Group.

CDI Global offers direct access to internationally operating investors and buyers in cross-border transactions.

Market expertise

CDI Global’s knowledge and expertise gives us detailed insight into movements and trends in many sectors in various regions and countries. Utilising the local connections in the countries where CDI Global is active, we are able to leverage these insights to create concrete opportunities for sales, mergers, acquisitions or investments.

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